Netflix: the romantic miniseries about an impossible love that lasts only 5 chapters

Netflix: the romantic miniseries about an impossible love that lasts only 5 chapters

This story stars two young Spaniards with very different lives who accidentally collide to change their destinies.

A Perfect Story is a series available on Netflix which is based on the novel of the same name by Elisabet Benavent. Set in Madrid, it was produced and released in 2023, it generates a long-standing debate between love and compatibility between different social classes.

It has a season of only 5 chapters where it is shown how the protagonists will face certain completely different problems in their lives based on their responsibilities and family obligations.

What A Perfect Tale is about, Netflix miniseries

The series tells the stories of Margot and David. She is a wealthy girl, daughter and heiress of the owner of a prestigious hotel empire in Spain, with what appears to be a perfect life. A fiancé and a family that loves her, as well as a good job in the family business.

He is a humble young man who needs three jobs to survive. He is a bartender in a nightclub, works tending a store that sells flowers and plants and also takes care of the baby of a friendly couple with whom he in turn lives in an apartment.

Margot’s life will change when she decides not to get married and leave her fiancé Filippo, left at the altar due to how overwhelmed she felt by the situation. For his part, David has problems in his and Idoia’s relationship; his girlfriend leaves him, arguing that he behaves like a child.

One night, by chance, Margot and her sisters go to the bar where David works and they meet there. She loses her cell phone that night and a few days later David returns it to her, starting a friendship that will seem to become something more as time goes by.

Trailer for A Perfect Tale, Netflix miniseries

Embed – A PERFECT TALE | Official trailer | Netflix Spain

Cast of A Perfect Tale, Netflix miniseries

  • Alvaro Mel (David)
  • Anna Castillo (Margot)
  • Mario Ermitto (Filippo)
  • Russian Red (Patricia)
  • Lydia Pavón (Idoia)
  • Ana Belén (Margarita)
  • Claudia Traisac (Cristina)
  • Jimmy Castro (Ivan)

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