Cocktails “on the go”, a new proposal that is causing a sensation in Buenos Aires

Cocktails “on the go”, a new proposal that is causing a sensation in Buenos Aires

Founded by Bruno and Franco Moretti, this bar located in Chinatown offers classic and signature drinks with gin as a base.

Always trying to offer disruptive and original products, “the Morettis” decided that “their bar” should also be something different from what was in the square, and they decided to do it hand in hand with the concept of the “cocktail bar on the go.” What distinguishes it then is that they serve classic and signature cocktails with gin as a base, expeditiously, but without losing the sophistication of a good cocktail, with which one can enjoy a drink of excellence without delays right there, or Well, wear it while walking along the new Via Viva promenade, in the streets of the so-called “Barrio Chino”, in Barrancas de Belgrano, City of Buenos Aires.


Gin & tonic with ciborium included: An exclusive detail

In addition, the bar offers its customers the classic Moretti ciborium included with the purchase of a gin and tonic, which they can keep and reuse on future visits to the bar. This initiative not only provides an experience premium and differentby being able to take the cup, but also promotes sustainability and customer loyalty.

Among the most requested is the already famous “gin and tonic thrown away”an original creation of Bruno and Franco Moretti which already holds two international awards for innovation in the gin industry, placing Moretti as “ICON OF GIN 2023” at a global level, although traditional and classic cocktails revamped with the brand’s products also appear a lot. Ultimately, this approach has positioned Moretti Gin Bar as a pioneer in the industry, offering a fast and sophisticated experience that until now had not been seen in the country.

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