Queen Letizia never made King Felipe as happy as her predecessor

Queen Letizia never made King Felipe as happy as her predecessor

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain are said to be having marital problems. A newly published book reports on affairs and new, secret partners, and also that Letizia was never Felipe’s great love.

After twenty years of marriage, a book called “Letizia’s Silence” by Jaime Peñafiel publicly washes the palace’s dirty laundry. The 91-year-old author is not stingy with the royal couple’s wild extramarital stories and also insinuates that the king’s wife was never his great love, but rather her predecessor.

From the late 1990s until December 2001, Norwegian Eva Sannum was at the side of the then Crown Prince. In 2001, Sannum was even allowed to accompany Felipe of Spain to the wedding of Norway’s Crown Prince couple Haakon and Mette-Marit, even though she was neither engaged nor married to the Prince of Spain. She is happy about that these days, in an interview with “Afterposten” in 2021 she said: “I am very happy that I did not become queen.”

Queen Letizia is said not to have been King Felipe’s first choice

But it is currently questionable whether King Felipe is happy about it. The author Peñafiel at least claims that the king would have been happier with Eva. The Spanish news portal “El Nacional de Cataluña” adds: “Eva Sannum was very much in love with Felipe VI. They had clear intentions of getting married. In fact, they were about to announce their engagement. But the relationship ended due to pressure from the family and the media.” Rumours say that the royal family did not approve of the crown prince’s love for Eva Sannum, who worked as a copywriter and part-time as an underwear model, and that the separation was implemented due to family pressure.

After separating from the prince, Sannum took off professionally, became creative director and founded her own communications agency in 2021. She married an advertising executive and had two children.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Hola!”, Prince Felipe met Letizia nine months after his separation from Sannum. They saw each other for the first time on October 17, 2002, at a dinner organized by Spanish news anchor Pedro Erquicia, according to “Brisant”. Letizia Ortiz, who was a well-known TV journalist at the time, didn’t hesitate. The couple announced their engagement a year after their first meeting and married in 2004.

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