According to Harvard, these 7 tricks help you run without feeling pain in your feet

According to Harvard, these 7 tricks help you run without feeling pain in your feet

One of the most basic forms of physical activity is running. It is simple, does not require any special space or element and can be practiced at any time of the day.

However, a very common problem appears when doing this activity: pain in the feet. That is why some Harvard experts They shared ways you can avoid this.


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Seven tricks to run without foot pain

These are the tricks to prevent our feet from hurting when running:

1. Control weight

When it comes to running, excess weight can mean a problem, since greater pressure is exerted on the foot area. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a balanced Body Mass Index (BMI).

2. Correct footwear

Although it may seem silly, choosing good footwear can avoid many problems, especially injuries. When buying sneakers, we must prioritize comfort and support.

3. Stretching

This moment before running is essential, as it can prevent injuries. It is important to make a correct stretching in the leg area to be able to run without problems. Don’t forget to stretch after the activity either.

4. Gradual intensity

We should not demand ourselves from the first minute when we run. Instead, we should start lighter, so that the body, and especially the feet, adapt to the activity. In this way, we can achieve better results without damaging our feet.

5. Balance

Practicing stability is essential to avoid future injuries. Balance exercisessuch as standing on one leg, can be helpful in strengthening the lower body.

6. Rest

By alternating between moments of standing and sitting we can take pressure off our feet.. Adequate rest allows us to continue without problems.

7. Treat wounds and infections

We must be attentive to any wound or injury that may occur on our feet. In this way, if we treat them in time, we will avoid running the risk of a more serious infection.

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