After the death of Ruth Maria Kubitschek: This is how Matthias Schweighöfer remembers her

After the death of Ruth Maria Kubitschek: This is how Matthias Schweighöfer remembers her

Matthias Schweighöfer described his colleague Ruth Maria Kubitschek as the “Grande Dame of acting” after her death.

Ruth Maria Kubitschek (1931-2024) shot her last film together with Matthias Schweighöfer (43). In an interview, he paid tribute to his colleague, who died on June 1st.

In 2013, the film “Frau Ella” was released, in which Kubitschek plays an elderly woman who is looking for her old love. Schweighöfer played the young taxi driver who goes on a special road trip with her. More than a million people saw the film in cinemas – and the two main actors appeared to be close friends in public. They walked arm in arm down the red carpet at the premiere in Berlin in October 2013, and went hand in hand to the ZDF show “Wetten, dass..?”. Now, on Kubitschek’s death, he said: “I look back very fondly and with joy on our work together on ‘Frau Ella’ and will always remember her as a grande dame of acting.”

They raved about each other

Ruth Maria Kubitschek had actually just retired from acting when the offer for “Frau Ella” came. It was “a very stressful time,” she recalled in an interview with spot on news. “I had terrible pain in my foot because I had dislocated my joint. But the pain also made me look so wonderfully old, I really was in the shape of an old woman. And Matthias Schweighöfer was wonderful. He has a lot of humor and is a great guy,” she enthused. The sympathy was mutual. He emphasized at the time: “For me it is absurd that Ruth is over 80. I feel that we are more like people of the same age. Ruth is one of us, one of my generation. Even if she looks like she is 58 on the outside, she is perhaps just over 28 on the inside.”

She became immortal as “Spatzl”

Kubitschek appeared in more than 160 film and series productions. On June 1, she died at the age of 92 in her adopted home, Switzerland. The long career of the star, who was born on August 2, 1931 in Komotau (Czechoslovakia), began almost 60 years ago thanks to the crime thriller three-parter “Melissa”. She played in the comedies “Didi – The Double” and “Otto – The Love Story” and series such as “The Case Next Door” and “Men Are Wonderful”. She made herself immortal as “Spatzl” in the hit series “Monaco Franze – The Eternal Stenz” (1983). Ruth Maria Kubitschek, who also published several books, leaves behind a son (born 1957).

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