8 tricks to heat the house in winter without spending money

8 tricks to heat the house in winter without spending money

Saying goodbye to autumn and entering winter, we leave you the best home tips so you can prepare your home for low temperatures.


With the arrival of winter The need arises to keep homes warm, with classic methods and other not so conventional ones. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to achieve it, especially in the face of a high price of supplies which can significantly increase gas and electricity bills.

Below, we leave you the best tips for keep your home heated and protected of the approaching low temperatures, without spending more and taking care of your health.



How to heat the house in winter without spending money

  • Take advantage of sunlight: Keep curtains open during the day to let sunlight in and naturally warm your home.
  • Insulate properly: Make sure your house is well insulated to prevent heat leaks. Check windows and doors for drafts and seal any gaps.
  • Optimizes the use of heating: Program your heating so that the temperature is lower when you are not at home and higher when you are.
  • Use thick rugs and curtains: Place thick rugs on the floors and heavy curtains on the windows to help retain heat.
  • Seal chimneys and air ducts– Make sure fireplaces are closed when not in use and seal air ducts.
  • Use extra blankets and layers: Instead of turning up the heat, consider using extra blankets and layers to stay warm while you’re at home.
  • Check and clean heating systems: Before winter arrives, be sure to check and clean heating systems, such as radiators and boilers, to ensure efficient operation.
  • Cook strategically: Use the oven and stove to cook during the day to take advantage of the extra heat they generate, but be sure to turn them off when you’re done.

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