Actor: Michael Douglas visits Israel in solidarity

Actor: Michael Douglas visits Israel in solidarity

He hopes for an end to the war in the Middle East: Hollywood star Michael Douglas speaks out for peace in Israel.

Hollywood star Michael Douglas has traveled to Israel on a solidarity visit. The actor visited the sites of the Hamas massacre on October 7 and met relatives of hostages held in the Gaza Strip, the Jerusalem Post reported. On Sunday, the two-time Oscar winner also met Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

The 79-year-old posted a video of his visit to the Supernova Festival site on Instagram. Pictures of the victims are still on display there. “I believe more than 300 people were massacred here,” Douglas wrote. “I know there are two sides to every conflict and I respect that, but I hope this war can end quickly and we can be saved from hating each other for the rest of our lives.” He wishes everyone peace.

Source: Stern

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