Clea-Lacy Juhn: Influencer has to stay in the clinic for a long time

Clea-Lacy Juhn: Influencer has to stay in the clinic for a long time

Clea-Lacy Juhn has to stay in the hospital for several weeks after her operation. Complications arose during her twin pregnancy.

Former “The Bachelor” candidate Clea-Lacy Juhn (33) has published a health update via Instagram. According to the report, the pregnant influencer will have to stay in the hospital for a longer period after being admitted to the hospital last week. In several Instagram stories, she explained that a developmental difference was found in her unborn twins, who share an amniotic sac: “One of them is bigger, the other smaller.” As a result, the vascular connection between the children was closed during a laser procedure.

However, it is still unclear whether the doctors’ measures will have the desired effect: “In order to say whether everything is successful, we still need time, positive strength and energy,” Juhn told her followers. Her stay in the hospital will now be extended “by several weeks.” There are also other complications that could pose a risk of premature birth, Juhn explained. “Every day that I can carry her under my heart counts. And we have already gained one more week,” the former “Bachelor” candidate said confidently.

Separation from her husband in early May

It’s not an easy time for Clea-Lacy Juhn at the moment. At the beginning of the month, the expectant mother of twins surprisingly announced her separation from her husband. However, her ex Hasim is “of course permanently by my side,” said Juhn before the procedure. The two had only said “I do” six months before the separation. The former “Bachelor” winner got together with him at the end of 2022. The wedding followed in November 2023, and he brought a daughter into the relationship. She kept her husband away from the public eye as much as possible.

Clea-Lacy Juhn became known through the RTL show “The Bachelor”, which she won in 2017. She received the last rose from “Bachelor” Sebastian Pannek (37).

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