Four gastronomic options in CABA to celebrate Father’s Day

Four gastronomic options in CABA to celebrate Father’s Day

Next Sunday, June 16, Father’s day in Argentina, it is the perfect opportunity to treat dad to an unforgettable culinary experience in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. With its diverse and exquisite gastronomic offer, the capital of Buenos Aires is positioned as the ideal destination to enjoy a delicious family meal and an unforgettable long weekend.

The secret of success and the indisputable differential of Lo de Jesús consists of its dedication to its careful selection of premium cuts, the basis of its impeccable reputation. The meats mature between 15 and 21 days, a process that accentuates the flavor and increases tenderness.


Raw ham and potato omelette are a must-try when it comes to appetizers. Parked provoleta, homemade pasta, grilled fish, the classic Milanese made with chorizo ​​steak and the heart-stopping dulce de leche flan are just some of the preparations that invite diners to embark on a gastronomic journey through different flavors, aromas and recipes from Argentina and the world. Among the grilled meat cuts, the T-Bone and Tomahawk stand out, roasted with a blend of espinillo, white quebracho and organic charcoal.

La Malbequería is the first wine bar specialized in Malbec and a gastronomic complex, which currently has capacity for 300 guests. In its portfolio of more than 350 labels, it covers all the wine-growing areas of Argentina. The Malbecs are accompanied by a wide variety of strains carefully selected by the renowned sommelier Fabricio Portelli. Here, wine is much more than a drink: it is a shared passion, a celebration of Argentine wine culture and a tribute to the country’s most emblematic strain.

Republic of Fire – Juncal 2682

Located in the heart of Recoleta, República del Fuego invites diners to enjoy an exceptional gastronomic proposal, full of exquisite flavors and an exclusive atmosphere.

The establishment was recently awarded by the Michelin guide as a Bib Gourmand restaurant, a recognition that reflects the commitment to price/quality, culinary creativity and exceptional service. At República del Fuego, every detail is carefully designed to offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience, where the heat of the fire merges with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and a highly trained staff is always ready to satisfy all desires.


República del Fuego is presented as the unmissable destination. This exclusive grill offers premium cuts of meat cooked to perfection, paired with the best wines and signature drinks that complement each bite with harmony and sophistication. Perfectly combining traditional and modern, providing a gastronomic experience to enjoy both night and day. Its unique and renewed design offers the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, creating the perfect setting.

República del Fuego is the gastronomic destination par excellence. With its unique combination of design, premium cuts of meat, varied menu, drink bar and top-notch service, this place promises to satisfy the desires of lovers of good food.

Revire Brasas Bravas – Av. Corrientes 1124

In the heart of the Porteño Center, a few meters from the obelisk, on Corrientes Avenue, Revire Brasas Bravas is located, presenting an experience that invites meat lovers to enjoy good food.

With its exquisite collection of premium cuts of meat, a varied and tempting menu, a spectacular drinks bar and the best selected wine labels, Revire Brasas Bravas is positioned as a unique place, providing an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

The indisputable differential of Revire Brasas Bravas lies in the fact that the entire process of raising livestock, slaughtering and transporting it to its own refrigerator allows it to avoid intermediaries and exhaustively control the quality of its products at each step of the production chain. This is why the undisputed star of Revire Brasas Bravas is its selection of cuts of meat.

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The jewels of the menu are the Revire Special Roast, a tender beef rib braised for 4 hours and the Revire Beef Eye, 600 grams of bone-in beef cut. But its diverse and tempting menu also offers dishes such as Braised Pork Bondiola, Lamb Ravioli, also its outstanding veggies, its variety of homemade pastas and salads for all tastes.

The gastronomic experience is perfectly complemented by the extensive list of selected wines, with boutique and high-end labels with a diversity of options, each wine is chosen and designed to highlight the flavors and enhance the experience of each bite. In addition to its sophisticated selection of wines, Revire Brasas Bravas offers a variety of classic and signature drinks at its bar, with unique flavors, making it the perfect complement

Revire Brasas Bravas positions itself as the grill par excellence on Corrientes Avenue, inviting its visitors to enjoy good food, promising to satisfy their desires where each bite will be an explosion of flavor on their palate.

Ander Local Food – Av. Callao 1823

In the Recoleta neighborhood, hidden from the city, surrounded by luxury, history and bohemianism, within the elegance of Casa Sur Hotel, Ander Local Food offers exquisite creations of Argentine and international cuisine. A gourmet space where you can enjoy a tasting table, which has different recognized wine labels from all over the country, a varied menu with fine details and attractive cocktails.

Ander Local Food connects with the environment to create an immersive experience of flavors inspired by Argentine techniques and traditions. Flavors that rejoice from the depths and aromas that permeate the memory.


Like a melody between food and wine, Ander proposes a gastronomic journey through the biocenoses that inhabit the regions of the country, in each dish, the essence of the country and its cuisine is reflected, with flavors inspired by the flavors of the NOA, NEA, the Cuyo, La Pampa and Patagonia.

To complement the exquisite dishes, Ander offers a cellar with a selection of boutique and fine wines made in the Argentine wine regions, ideal for pairing each dish, creating a unique explosion of flavors.

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