The incredible 20/10 method to optimize productivity when cleaning the home

The incredible 20/10 method to optimize productivity when cleaning the home

Through this technique we can use our time more efficiently to clean our house.


The homework of home clean It is usually an unexpected moment of the day, especially if we come from a work day or some long-hour activity. However, There is a technique that can speed up this process.

Its about 20/10 methodexplained by author Rachel Hoffman in her book “Unf*ck your Habitat”, helps simplify and speed up cleaning time, and targets both people who don’t have much free time available and those stereotyped as students or single men.


What the 20/10 method is about

This method consists of two parts. The first is to dedicate 20 minutes intensively to cleaning and organizingwhich can be anywhere in the house, and then rest for 10 minutes.

The reason for this technique is explained by Hoffman, arguing that cleaning for several hours in a row causes stress and even causes both physical and mental fatigue, so small stretches of deep cleaning can be more effective.

In addition to the method, you can carry out certain actions that help with general cleaning, such as making the bed, washing cutlery shortly after using it or ventilating the rooms in the house.

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