Jey Mammon celebrated his return to the radio and assured that he will not talk about the past

Jey Mammon celebrated his return to the radio and assured that he will not talk about the past

One year after the complaint of Lucas Benvenuto against him for alleged sexual abuse, Jey Mammon This Monday he returned to host a radio program in AM 990 Splendid and assured that he is willing to leave the legal conflict behind. “I’m not talking about the past and I’m not going to,” he said at the end of his first broadcast.

Starting this Monday, June 3, it began its cycle called “Jey 990”in which he first spoke with the actress and star Graciela Alfano.

In dialogue with Noticias Argentinas, Mammon remembered that “I missed the radio because it is the most direct encounter with people.”

“In recent days, taxi drivers, bus drivers and other people told me: ‘I miss you on the radio,'” the driver said and added: “I miss that company. It made me very happy to know that that expectation is on the other side.“.

He said that one of the things that most impacted him on his return to the radio is that now the broadcast also includes a live image. “What kills me radio is that now there are little cameras“You have to take a bath and stuff.”

“When I entered the studio with the kids, I told them that approximately 15 years ago, when I lived in an apartment near the neighborhood of Eleven, I started playing with a resource called streaming, but It was not yet the format we know today. 15 people listened to me and I transmitted from a computer in my house,” he recalled and pointed out that it was then that his characters were born.

Furthermore, he maintained that beyond the advancement of technology and other ways of doing radio that seem to prevail, “auditory game beats streaming“.

Jey Mammon celebrated his return to radio and announced that he will also return to television

Regarding his return to the radio, he revealed: “I’m glad to be back because, although I am going to return to television, this medium has something that television does not. There is nothing more beautiful than riding in a car, bus or on the street while listening to the radio.“.

Likewise, he anticipated that some of his characters will return, such as Stellite: “And yes, come back! Since she didn’t die, as far as I know. Unless I have the good news that something happened to her, I think she, ‘Topo’, ‘The Clown’ and ‘The Announcer’ will all be here.” Carlos Langalda’ who will come to bother the poor announcer.”

“Humor, although it does not save or heal, It always helps to cope with any situation, even the most painful and hardest. Our country and the world had terrible moments and humor always helped us cope. I had my own pandemic after the pandemic the world had and humor helped me move forward. It is always necessary,” Mammon remarked.

Finally, he stated that the focus of the program will be “getting through life with humor, joy, music and being together.” “The essence lies in finding us and accompanying us“, concluded the comedian.

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