They develop the first vaccine against skin cancer

They develop the first vaccine against skin cancer

Scientists of United Kingdom developed the first personalized vaccine of the world against skin cancer. It is made through modified RNA and according to the needs of each patient.

The vaccine is designed for each body through a study of the removed tumor which tells how cancer cells should be eliminated. The results of the inoculation were rated by the researchers as “impressive“.

The effectiveness of the skin cancer vaccine developed in the United Kingdom

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The vaccine is designed through a study of the removed tumor.

According to Guardiandata showed that patients who had melanoma removed in phase three or four and who later received the vaccine, had a 49% lower risk of dying or repeating the disease in three years.

Furthermore, inoculation is not only developed through the study of the tumor extracted from each person, but also through the use of artificial intelligence. By combining both, a vaccine is developed that tells how to act to eliminate cancer cells and prevent the disease from reappearing.

The new key vaccine for older adults that arrived in Argentina

The inoculation that arrived in the country is against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)a disease that is associated with bronchiolitis and other respiratory conditions in children, but which can have serious consequences in older people, even more so those who suffer from respiratory or cardiac comorbidities.

Like other respiratory diseases, the virus It is transmitted through droplets expelled when coughing and breathing. The vaccine for the condition is now available in the country for adults over 60 years of age.

In most cases, RSV manifests mild symptoms, similar to those of a prolonged cold. However, it can sometimes affect babies, young children, and older adults over 60 years of age. In this last group, the virus can lead to complications due to the deterioration of the body’s defenses as a result of aging, also called immunosenescence.

The new vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus was rated by Time magazine as one of the best inventions of 2023however, still It was not incorporated into the local vaccination schedule.

According to clinical studies, it has a effectiveness for prevention of lower respiratory infection caused by the two types of circulating RSV (RSV A and RSV B), 82.6% and 94.6% in adults with chronic diseases. Your application prevents more complex conditions in the most vulnerable populationsuch as older adults.

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