The best countries to emigrate as an Argentine, according to artificial intelligence

The best countries to emigrate as an Argentine, according to artificial intelligence

Copilot, Microsoft’s chatbot, conducted a study of immigration policies to find out the best destinations to settle abroad.

More and more Argentines are looking for emigrate to find a higher quality of life, levels of security and job opportunities outside the country. This is one of the most difficult decisions for a person and involves a study to know the best destiny for them. Therefore, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) He indicated which are the five nations to settle.

The program used for this analysis was Copilot, the AI ​​assistant developed by Microsoft. This software was programmed to examine large volumes of data on immigration policies and other factors that would be difficult to study manually.

The 5 best countries to emigrate to as an Argentine, according to AI



The North American nation took first place in the analysis of the digital tool for its inclusive immigration policies that favor skilled workers and students. This is one of the countries most chosen by Latinos seeking to apply for offers in the technology, engineering and health sectors. As a plus, Canada offers access to a public health and education system.


exchange germany1.jpg

This territory may present a language barrier but attracts thousands of citizens from all over the world due to its good economy, low unemployment rate and high demand for qualified workers. The main areas that seek to incorporate foreigners are the engineering, computer science and health sectors.

Germany welcomes immigrants with a visit program that facilitates the entry of foreigners and their families by protecting them under an integration plan to obtain their citizenships. They also provide training to learn German, something necessary for social and professional integration.



It is one of the preferred destinations for nature lovers due to their enormous and healthy ecosystem, which is mixed with quality of life and cultural diversity that the country offers. It is also a known country that attracts students because it offers them the opportunity to work while studying and other young people are attracted to work while traveling.

On the professional side, Australia presents a series of favorable programs to attract qualified workers. Job offers for foreigners are to cover the demands of the medicine, engineering and information technology sectors.


Emigrate Spain Surnames.jpg

This town is the most chosen by Argentines because offers flexibilities to obtain citizenship for those of Spanish descent. This is possible because of the “Grandchildren Law”. In addition, they share the same language and their culture shares many of their customs and foods.

But this European country also implements various policies to attract entrepreneurs, qualified workers and students. All of them are offered a better quality of life and a wide cultural offer.

New Zealand


This nation completes the top 5 for its quality of life, security and the cultural beauty that surrounds the country. Its areas that publish the most job offers are information technology, construction and agriculture. These attract many foreigners due to the dynamism of opportunities in a territory full of cultural diversity and natural beauty.

Source: Ambito

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