People: Jasna Fritzi Bauer introduces partner and daughter

People: Jasna Fritzi Bauer introduces partner and daughter

Bauer has been together with the artist Katharina Zorn for five years and is raising a daughter with her. She is now officially introducing her family for the first time in “Vogue”.

She wants to set an example for queer families: Actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer (35) has introduced her partner and her daughter to the public for the first time. Bauer, who is known to many people as TV detective Liv Moormann in the Bremen crime series “Tatort”, and artist Katharina Zorn have been a couple for five years, according to “Vogue” magazine. They live in Berlin.

“We believe that now is the time for us to step forward and make a statement. We see this shift to the right in society, this heated atmosphere,” said Bauer in a joint interview with Zorn in “Vogue”.

They had long discussed whether they should make the relationship public, Zorn added. “We know that there will be negative reactions.” Daughter Zoe, whom she brought into the relationship as a baby, often heard in kindergarten that she could only have “one ‘real’ mom.” However, Zoe had called her and Bauer “one mom” and “the other mom” from the very beginning. “Or also “the big mom” and “the little mom.” She and Bauer are “one hundred percent equal mothers.”

A big challenge for both of them was that they hadn’t seen anyone who was “young, queer and a parent,” Bauer said. In her opinion, “especially in today’s times,” one should open up “and try to be the role model one has been looking for for so long.”

When asked what coming out meant for her acting career, Bauer replied that she had “no concerns, I am very sure of myself and have become much more self-confident in recent years.” A large part of her self-confidence comes “from my relationship with Katharina and from our family.” Regarding her sexuality, she said: “I’m bi. That’s it.”

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