Halsey: “Poison in my blood” – singer makes illness public

Halsey: “Poison in my blood” – singer makes illness public

Halsey has apparently had a difficult time. The singer has now made her battle with an illness public.

Singer Halsey has apparently had a difficult battle with an illness. The 29-year-old announced a new album and a new single entitled “The End” on Tuesday (June 4). She shared several videos on Instagram and wrote: “Long story short: I’m lucky to be alive. Long story short, I wrote an album.”

In one of the videos, Halsey sits on a sofa and rubs her seemingly sore legs. She says: “I feel like an old woman. I told myself I’m going to give myself two more years of being sick. At 30, I’m going to have a rebirth, I’m not going to be sick anymore and I’m going to look super hot and have so much energy and relive my twenties in my thirties.”

Halsey wants to donate to leukemia and lupus organizations

The 29-year-old also shared several clips showing her in the hospital with a drip in her arm. Halsey did not reveal exactly what illness she was suffering from. However, in the post she linked the Instagram accounts of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Lupus Research Alliance. According to a press release, part of the album’s proceeds will be donated to the two organizations.

The song “The End” is about the difficult time of illness and treatment. One passage reads: “There is poison in my brain and in my blood”, which, in conjunction with the pictures of the drip posted on Instagram, suggests a serious illness and chemotherapy.

In 2022, Halsey had already revealed that she had suffered from numerous health problems after the birth of her son in the summer of 2021 and that doctors eventually diagnosed her with a number of autoimmune diseases, including Sjögren’s syndrome and mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS).

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