Gisa Zach naked in “Playboy”: She has never regretted this cosmetic surgery

Gisa Zach naked in “Playboy”: She has never regretted this cosmetic surgery

“GZSZ” star Gisa Zach appears unveiled on the cover of “Playboy”. During the nude shoot she also talks about cosmetic surgery.

She is known from the RTL series “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten” as the lively and humorous wife of Dr. Jo Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro, 63) Yvonne Bode. Now the actress Gisa Zach (50) is showing a new side of herself: completely uncovered, she graces the cover of the July issue of the men’s magazine “Playboy”. For Zach, the pictures are an expression of: “Be what and whoever you want to be, and do whatever you want to do,”

It was the first time the actress had ever undressed for the camera. She had to be 50 years old to consider it, said Zach. “I think it’s so important that we finally manage to say that we can photograph women naked when they’re over 40.” It took her years before Zach felt completely comfortable in her body. She really had to learn it. “And I learned that it’s not just a matter of appearance, but above all a matter of mindset and perception of oneself.”

This is what her daughters said about the nude photos

As far as the reactions to the nude photos are concerned, the actress expects that they could be “controversial” on social media. But people in her private circle “will be fine with it – simply because I think it’s so good.” She spoke to her two daughters beforehand. “Both were surprised, but also thought it was cool because they noticed that I fully support my decision.”

She speaks openly about breast surgery

What Zach has never publicly discussed is her breast surgery, which she underwent at the age of 34. After breastfeeding two children, she was no longer happy with her bust size. The operation was “the best decision” of the actress’ life, who has been part of RTL’s “GZSZ” family since 2019. She also made it for professional reasons. As an actress, she shoots sex scenes and undresses in front of costume designers every day, and she is “also a woman with a sex life,” she emphasizes. Talking about it now was not easy for her, but she thinks it is important to explain that it “in a way gave her back her quality of life.”

The July issue of the German “Playboy” with Gisa Zach on the cover will be published on June 6, 2024. More images exclusively at:

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