The cast of House of the Dragon previews details of the second season

The cast of House of the Dragon previews details of the second season

House of the Dragon returns for season 2 and the cast teases what viewers can expect when the show returns HBO and Max on June 16.

Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke and Matt Smith They spoke with the Deadline portal and previewed what awaits the fantasy drama. Smith revealed that the show will be more like its older brother game of Thrones.

What the stars of House of the Dragon said about season 2

For Cooke, who plays Queen Alicent Hightower, returning for the second season of the series created by George R.R. Martin It was like a return home.

“We get to know the characters inside out and, in a way, we come home,” Cooke said. “We’re not afraid of text or big sets that are a kind of home away from home.”

Cooke revealed that in season 2, Queen Alicent Hightower leaves the castle: “That was huge for me. I went to Spain. I went to Wales and I went to Surrey. I’m excited for people to see me outside the castle.”.

D’Arcy said that “a big driver of this season is pain,” adding that his experience with pain in his own life before starring in the HBO fantasy drama “was a little surreal.”

“I tried to look for the good by being invited to reflect on what grief does to the body, to relationships, to desire, to the psyche…” D’Arcy added. “Part of the magic that the [equipo de redacción] has built this season is how intertwined personal emotions are with political designs. For me that was when the program really worked.”

Smith anticipated that House of the Dragon will be different from the first season, when the characters were all together, adding: “This time, it leans on the Game of Thrones formula of yesteryear, where you’re exploring different worlds and areas of the world of Westeros”.

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