“Theater on alert”, a new cycle of political theater, begins today

“Theater on alert”, a new cycle of political theater, begins today

At Tandrón Teatro this political theater proposal that arises after the attack on culture and theater begins today. Three short works are presented on stage, forming a scenic whole with pieces by Patricia Suárez, Florencia Aroldi and Pablo Bontá.

Start today “Theater on Alert”, a cycle of political theater that arises from the need to react to the attack that culture in general and theater in particular has suffered since the inauguration of the current government. It can be seen starting today at Tadrón Teatro, Niceto Vega 4808, every Thursday at 10 p.m.

The coordination of the cycle is in charge of Florencia Aroldi, Pablo Bontá and Guillermo Ghiowhile the playwrights participating in the first program (June/July) are Aroldi, Bontá and Patricia Suarez.

The proposal makes the three short plays coexist on the same stage, with the actors as spectators waiting for their moment to go on stage, at the same time forming a whole that exceeds the mere sum of the parts. The first is “Sun King” of Suarez, with address of Ghioperformances of Iranda Acosta Toloza, Lucas Soriano, Pablo Turchi and soundtrack of Miguel Rur.


“Session” by Pablo Bontá.

At the end of his reign, Louis XIV summoned a musician to his cabinet to dance again. He boasts of having been a protector of the arts but ignored the cry of his people for bread and work. A figure that echoes many current rulers, told with humor.

The second is “Secession”, of Bonta with performances by Marcelo Di Gennaro, Mayra Perez Morales, Gustavo Silva and Gabriel Yeannoteguy. In the immediate future and in the midst of a terminal crisis in Argentina, an elderly governor tries to overthrow the autocrat and glue a ruined country back together.

While “I told him”, of Aroldi, proposes a family lunch before going to visit the mother in the sanatorium. Donato, 16, confesses to her sister Lorena, who has recently been fired from her job, that she lied about her vote in the presidential election. Pablo, their father, is coming home from the supermarket and Lorena begs her brother not to tell him, since she also fears for her mother’s health. Donato, motivated by his feeling of guilt, does not agree to his sister’s request, triggering a family revolt. It has performances of Federico Burgos, Mauricio Minetti and India Zamero.

“Theater on alert” was born as a creation, after 40 years of uninterrupted democracy, to repel the next attack and always armed with the legitimate weapon of theater.


“Sun King” by Patricia Suárez.

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