Hugh Grosvenor: Royal billionaire wedding with Prince William as guest

Hugh Grosvenor: Royal billionaire wedding with Prince William as guest

At 25, he inherited his father’s billions and the title of Duke, and at 33 he’s getting married: The Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, is marrying his fiancée Olivia Henson on Friday. Everything about the society wedding of the year.

He is one of the richest men in Great Britain, the society magazine “Tatler” once called him the most eligible bachelor in the country: Hugh Grosvenor, 33 years old and Duke of Westminster, will marry his fiancée Olivia Henson on Friday. Around 400 guests are expected at Chester Cathedral in the north-west of England, including members of the royal family such as Prince William.

The small town is expecting a rush of visitors to the event, and the police are advising people to avoid the town. More than 100,000 flower arrangements are already decorating the streets there – paid for by Hugh Grosvenor and his future wife. The couple is also treating all onlookers to a scoop of ice cream in the town center on their big day, according to local media reports.

The wedding will be celebrated at Eaton Hall, the family’s noble country estate in the county of Cheshire. The ceremony there will probably make all “Bridgerton” balls pale in comparison: The building is modeled on a French castle and is surrounded by over 500 hectares of parks and formal gardens. Eaton Hall has been the Grosvenor family’s private country estate since the 15th century. And Hugh Grosvenor, who is said to own half of London, knows a thing or two about decadent celebrations.

Prince Harry will not be there, but his brother William will be

For his 21st birthday, he threw a huge party for a whopping five million pounds, with the motto: black tie and neon. Prince Harry, among others, is said to have had a blast there. But this time he won’t be there: As “People” reports, he turned down the invitation to the wedding to avoid an argument with his brother William. In the British press, however, it is said that Harry and Meghan did not even receive an invitation to the society event of the year.

Prince William will be the so-called “Usher” and will greet the guests as they arrive at the church and show them to their seats. Prince George, the groom’s godchild, will probably be at his side. However, William’s wife Kate is not expected to attend the spectacle due to her cancer, and King Charles and his wife Camilla will also probably be excused.

The Duke has been connected to the monarch since childhood: King Charles is his godfather. Hugh Grosvenor became a landowner and billionaire overnight in 2016 after his father, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. The Grosvenors’ fortune is estimated at ten billion pounds.

The engagement to 31-year-old Oliva Henson came just two years after the two met through mutual friends in London. Henson is the daughter of a stockbroker, went to the same private school as Princess Eugenie – and her parents also have aristocratic ancestors.

This makes the wedding of the couple the closest thing to a royal wedding à la William and Kate or Harry and Meghan at the moment.

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