The renowned playwright Roberto “Tito” Cossa died

The renowned playwright Roberto “Tito” Cossa died

The dramatist Roberto “Tito” Cossa He died at the age of 89. The sad news was confirmed by Argentores, an entity of which he was former president and was currently honorary president. He was the author of great works such as La Nona, Yepeto, The Old Servant and Gray of Absence.

Throughout his career, Tito wrote around 28 works and six film scripts. Even during the last military dictatorship he was one of the promoters of the Open Theater.

The extensive career of Roberto “Tito” Cossa

Tito Cossa was born on November 30, 1934, in Buenos Aires. Being very young, after the death of his father, he found in journalism a profession related to his authorial vocation, a profession that he practiced for more than forty years.

Starting in 1976, with the arrival of the last dictatorship, Tito understood that the time had come to dedicate himself fully to his true passion: dramaturgy.

At that time he had already written works such as “Our weekend” (1964), “The days of Julián Bisbal” (1966), “La ñata contra el libro” (1966), “La pata de la sota” (1967). , “Tute cabrero” (1968) – made into a film under the direction of Juan José Jusid– and “The Black Plane” (1970) (written with Germán Rozenmacher, Carlos Somigliana and Ricardo Talesnik). But in 1976, Tito wrote a work that forever marked his life and that of Argentine theater: “La Nona”. The success of this piece, which was directed by Carlos Gorostiza and starred by Ulysses Dumontmade it possible for him to dedicate himself exclusively to dramaturgy ever since.

Then came “There is no need to cry” (1979), “The Old Servant” (1979), “Gris de Absencia” (1981), “Tute Cabrero” (1981) – it premiered as a play -, “Nobody Remembers Anymore to Frédéric Chopin” (1982), “The Wind Gone Them” (1983) -in collaboration with Jacobo Langsner, Eugenio Griffero and Francisco Anania-, “El uncle loco” (1974), “De pies y otros” (1984), “Los compadritos” (1985), “Yepeto” (1986), “El Sur y siempre” (1986) and the list goes on.

He also stood out as a film scriptwriter. He adapted the novel by Osvaldo Soriano “There will be no more sorrows or forgetting” (Héctor Olivera, 1983); his plays “La Nona” (Olivera, 1979) and “Yepeto” (Eduardo Calcagno, 1998) and he wrote with Carlos Somigliana the script for “El Arreglo” (Fernando Ayala, 1982). In 1965 he had written the script for “Tute cabrero”, later converted into a play.

In 1994 Cossa was recognized with the Konex Platinum Award. He also received the National Theater Award of Argentina and the Audience and Critics Award of Spain. In 2007, he was elected president of the General Society of Authors of Argentina and that same year The Legislature of the city of Buenos Aires declared him an illustrious citizen.

On November 30, National Theater Day and Independent Theater Day, he would have turned 90 years old.

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