Kim Virginia reveals: Injured AfD politician is her stepfather

Kim Virginia reveals: Injured AfD politician is her stepfather

Jungle star Kim Virginia has revealed that the injured AfD politician in Mannheim is her stepfather.

After the fatal knife attack on a police officer in Mannheim last week, there has been another attack in the city in Baden-Württemberg. On Tuesday evening, according to consistent media reports, AfD local politician Heinrich Koch (62) was attacked with a carpet knife by a 25-year-old who was presumably mentally ill, injuring his stomach and face. Now reality star Kim Virginia (29), who was recently a participant in “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”, has revealed that the victim is her stepfather.

“My stepfather is the only father figure I have and he was attacked with a knife,” Kim Virginia reports tearfully. “I don’t know how he is and whether he survived the whole thing. I will definitely tell you how it went. All I know is that he was stabbed several times.”

She has since given the promised update: “I cried all night, he is my only real father, the only father figure in my life. This attack could have been fatal.” The police and public prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday that Koch’s injuries were not life-threatening.

That is why she turned to the public

According to initial findings, the crime was not politically motivated. There are indications of a mental illness in the suspect, and an investigating judge has already ordered the alleged perpetrator to be placed in a psychiatric hospital.

Kim Virginia actually wanted to keep the identity of her parents out of the public eye. In light of the attack, however, she assumed that it would have been reported in another way. In her video contribution, she says of her parents’ “political involvement”: “I have nothing to do with that, it is far from me and I will leave it uncommented.”

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