“Let’s Dance” star Isabel Edvardsson: She reveals the gender of her new child

“Let’s Dance” star Isabel Edvardsson: She reveals the gender of her new child

A few months after the birth of her third child, “Let’s Dance” star Isabel Edvardsson has revealed the gender of her offspring.

Professional dancer Isabel Edvardsson (41), known from the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance”, announced in mid-April that she had become a mother for the third time. “Here I am! THIS is pure love,” wrote the Swedish dancer alongside a picture in which she is holding the baby’s little hand. Now Edvardsson, who has recently been taking a more quiet approach on social media, has come back with another revelation: she has become the mother of a little boy.

Isabel Edvardsson reveals baby’s gender

In a first post: “I’m still in a beautiful baby bubble and can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 months since I became a mother of three.” She then reports that she and her family are doing “very well.” The 41-year-old also prepares her fans and followers for a “fairly unspectacular gender reveal.”

Then comes the revelation: “We have a little boy,” Edvardsson announces. Her third boy is “so incredibly sweet,” and she herself is “blown away, we are all super happy.”

Edvardsson has been married to her husband Marcus Weiß (49), who is also a professional dancer, since 2015. The couple’s first son was born in September 2017. The professional dancer announced the birth of her second son in April 2021. “Due to the dance career, life as an active athlete, it was not possible to have children earlier and I am so happy that we managed to have three children,” Edvardsson also explained in another Instagram story. This is “a dream for us”.

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