Cyndi Lauper says goodbye to the stage at age 70

Cyndi Lauper says goodbye to the stage at age 70

The singer and songwriter of greatest hits from the 80s and 90s announced the dates of her latest tour. It will be presented in 23 cities in the United States and Canada.

Cyndi Lauper surprised his followers after announcing that he will say goodbye to the stage with one last tour, only in the United States and Canada, which he will call Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, in honor of one of his greatest hits.

The singer will retire from the music scene at 70 years with this tour that will include presentations in 23 cities. The start date is scheduled for October 18, in Montreal. Next, he will perform in New York on October 30, in Los Angeles on November 23 and in Chicago on December 5, being just some of the places he will visit.

The American artist became world famous in 1983 thanks to your album “She’s So Unusual”where the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was, which today gives its name to their latest tour.

“It’s a song that I love very much and it talks about women. The meaning of its lyrics can be understood anywhere in the world. It has to do with their rights that, in many cases, are not respected,” said Lauper about her musical theme that makes up the list of greatest hits of the 80s. “It was a stage of my life that I love very much,” she confessed.

Also, she spoke about the importance that the songwriting process has for her and said that she seeks “be free without marking boundaries”. “Now, I don’t have the responsibility to show them to anyone. QI can make my own decisions without having to wait for a response from someone else,” said the singer.

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