Styling tip for every woman: Let’s style blazers with this accessory

Styling tip for every woman: Let’s style blazers with this accessory

Blazers are often used in everyday life. However, fashionistas are currently styling them with a certain accessory.

Every woman should have a chic blazer in her wardrobe. Why? The it-piece is a real evergreen, can be combined in many different ways these days and it adds a little elegance to even the most casual look. Fashionistas like “Emily in Paris” star Ashley Park (33) currently style the must-have with one accessory in particular: a waist belt.

Dare to use colour!

If you take a look at the US actress, you will find several outfits with a blazer and belt combination. During filming in Rome, the “Emily in Paris” actress appeared in a lilac-colored long blazer with an oversized cut, which she styled with a white belt. Underneath she wore a white shirt and a light blue ruffled bow tie around her neck. She also wore white knee socks, white sandals and, last but not least, a silver handbag and a captain’s cap – you can hardly get more stylish than that!

Another eye-catching outfit with a French flair was , which she combined with a wide, light blue waist belt. A turquoise-green mini bag with gold details and blue and white over-the-knee boots added even more extravagance to the high-fashion look, as did a white sailor’s cap.

The simple variant

Model Angelina Kirsch (35) presented a much simpler, but still modern version. Her black pantsuit was given a fashionable upgrade with a patterned belt with a silver buckle. She added a little color with magenta pumps. She styled her blonde hair open and straight. She also wore silver hoop earrings.

Our styling tip: go for colorful accessories if the pants suit is rather simple and understated, like Angelina Kirsch’s. A pink or white belt will then further emphasize our slim midsection. If the suit pants and blazer are in pink, yellow or white, a simple black belt will go well with them. It also creates a harmonious overall look if the shoes and handbag match the color of the belt.

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