Olaf the Flipper & Matze Knop: That’s why they have the perfect EM song

Olaf the Flipper & Matze Knop: That’s why they have the perfect EM song

Olaf the Flipper and Matze Knop contribute a “We say thank you” version of the European Championship. How do they follow the tournament and who will win?

Olaf Malolepski (78), better known as Olaf the Flipper, and Matze Knop (49) are contributing with “We say thank you 2024 (stadium version)” It is a new version of the Flippers song “We say thank you” from 2009, which made a comeback on social media in 2022. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the two talk about how their collaboration came about, how they will follow the European Championship and how they assess the DFB team’s chances of winning the title. Knop also reveals which player he misses in the squad.

Why is “We say thank you” the perfect European Championship song?

Olaf Malolepski: “We say thank you” has been a must at every party in recent years. And of course not at the European Championships either. And what could be nicer than simply saying thank you? To the team and to the fans.

Matze Knop: Because it’s a mega song! Olaf and I are the perfect duo and the song is catchy. We’re already saying thank you because we already know that we’ll win the title! That’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How did the collaboration between you two come about?

Malolepski: We received a lot of inquiries about whether there would be a European Championship version of “Wir sagen danke schön”. When the production team wrote a new text, my first thought was: I have to call Matze. That would be world class together. And he immediately agreed.

Knop: Olaf called me one day and what can I say – after ten minutes it was clear that we would do this together.

Mr. Malolepski, your song became a hit among young people again in 2022. How did you experience the comeback of the song and what nice experiences did you have as a result?

Malolepski: The song had already been developed on the internet. My daughter Pia said: ‘Daddy, something is happening.’ But I never thought it would develop like this. I’m just very grateful for what I’m still able to experience. I thought I’d already experienced everything an artist can experience with the Flippers. We’ve filled arenas for decades. But now four generations are celebrating one song. And the two performances at the Parookaville Festival and in front of 80,000 spectators at Rock am Ring were really gigantic. And they sing along to every song.

What are your plans for the stadium version of the song, will you be performing often?

Malolepski: Matze and I have already performed together at the opening in the Megapark and at the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” in Cologne. More performances and fan events are of course still to come. I would always keep an eye on our social media channels.

Knop: Olaf and I have already reserved the Brandenburg Gate for the Monday after the final.

Which songs have potential to be European Championship songs this year? Do you have any all-time favorite football songs?

Knop: My own song “Pokal Again” is still an absolute earworm. I also really like Tim Bendzko’s new song, “Komm schon!”. Platinum for “Dankeschön”, gold for “Komm schon!” (laughs).

Do you think that the 2024 European Championship can trigger a sense of euphoria in the country like the 2006 World Cup? How have you experienced the mood so far?

Malolepski: Absolutely. We have a world-class team and anything is possible. We are ready for a summer fairytale!

Knop: Definitely! I firmly believe that our team will play a very good tournament. My weather app says the sun will shine. I firmly believe in the summer fairytale of 2024!

How will you watch the European Championship games? Public viewing or on your sofa at home?

Malolepski: It varies. I’m often on the road too and we always have to look for where we can watch the games. But I’ve already said to one or two organizers that maybe we should work on the performance times again.

Knop: I’m still hoping for a late call from Julian Nagelsmann. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll try to get tickets or do a public viewing with my neighbor. But I’m optimistic that Julian will nominate me as captain of the national comedy team.

How do you follow the games? Do you get emotional when you win or lose?

Malolepski: Of course. I can get annoyed sometimes too, but I’ll discuss it with my friends after the games. But this year we’ll just be happy. Although, I could also call Matze as a football pro.

Knop: If the referee blows his whistle badly or the team forgets to shoot at the goal, then I sometimes get louder in front of the TV. But the same applies to victories, of course. Emotions and passion are part of football. That’s why I love this sport and have been addicted to it since I was a child.

Are you going to the stadium?

Malolepski: My children applied for tickets, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. But what hasn’t happened yet can still happen by chance.

Knop: I will 100 percent be there for one or two of the games! I’ll definitely be there for the final between Germany and Italy. No matter what, I’ll get in somehow.

How do you rate the chances that the DFB team will win the title?

Malolepski: I firmly believe in our team. The boys can do anything. In this sense: “I say thank you – what would we be without our team and the many loyal fans!”

Knop: I firmly believe in our men. We have great players and don’t have to hide from anyone. If we finally concentrate ONLY on playing football again, we will be successful! I already say “thank you” and celebrate the team!

What do you think about the DFB team’s squad? Do you miss a player?

Malolepski: I’ll leave that question to the professional. Matze, what do you say?

Knop: I think Julian Nagelsmann has nominated the best players we have. However, I would personally take Mats Hummels with him. He has a lot of experience and has recently shown how capable he still is. He is also always good for a goal. For me there is no such thing as too old – for me there is only good or bad!

Who will be European champion in 2024?

Malolepski: Germany!

Button: Germany!

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