Alongside supermodel Toni Garrn: Jessica Haller celebrates her catwalk debut

Alongside supermodel Toni Garrn: Jessica Haller celebrates her catwalk debut

Toni Garrn was the star guest at a Lascana event. Alongside her, Jessica Haller and Lili-Paul Roncalli also wowed on the catwalk.

“In summer I am a completely different person,” enthuses Toni Garrn (31) at Lascana’s summer event on Thursday evening in Berlin. The supermodel is the current campaign face of the Hamburg fashion company. In front of the elegant backdrop of the Stadtbad Oderberger Berlin, with celebrity support, she presented the lingerie and swimwear collection for spring/summer 2024 as well as the upcoming collection for spring/summer 2025 and got the numerous guests in the holiday mood under the motto “Iconic Destinations”.

The model, who lived in Athens during her childhood, is a pro when it comes to heat and recommends three must-haves: “Light shoes or sandals on your feet! Sunglasses are a must – important for protection and they look cool!” Also always with you: “A large cup with ice cubes and lemon water or iced coffee.” Garrn’s personal icon is “Sex and the City” character Carrie Bradshaw. “There is no other wardrobe in the world that I would rather own than hers. Her fashion is fun and fresh,” says the 31-year-old.

Former “Bachelorette” Jessica Haller celebrates catwalk debut

Garrn was supported on the catwalk by Jessica Haller (34), among others. The former “Bachelorette” and influencer walked the catwalk for the first time. “I’m very excited,” admitted the 34-year-old. “Images of all kinds of mishaps are running through my head: stumbling, falling, missing my cue…” But ultimately the positive thoughts prevailed: “I tell myself: enjoy the moment! Enjoy the admiration! The good mood!”

Haller lives with her husband, Johannes Haller (36), and their daughter on Ibiza. For her, summer also means stress. “The visits from friends never end. I’m not alone with my family for a moment. I’m ‘on’ all the time,” laughed the 34-year-old.

TV judge Bruce Darnell (66), who sat in the front row, also lives in Ibiza most of the year. There he is happy to forgo his tailor-made suits, which have now become his trademark. “I love summer and the lightness and I prefer to wear boho chic.” His summer handicap is his penchant for sunglasses. “I keep losing them. I need a new pair every two weeks, I’ve already left over 50 pairs lying around somewhere!”

Single Stefano Zarrella dreams of a family holiday

Stefano Zarrella (33), on the other hand, is drawn to another Balearic island. He wants to buy a house on Mallorca, as he revealed in a conversation with TV realtor Marcel Remus (37). In his childhood, however, Italy, his parents’ homeland, was his number one travel destination. “15 hours in a station wagon to Rome. My father behind the wheel, my mother mostly asleep in the passenger seat. When she woke up, she called out: ‘Children, eat my rolls now!’. She had prepared dozens of them,” recalled the brother of Giovanni Zarrella (46) vividly. Although he is currently single, he dreams of his own family vacation: “With his wife and children on the beach and a nice meal in the evening… That would be the perfect vacation for me!”

Presenter Mareile Höppner (47) also reveled in childhood memories. “I grew up on a farm. In the summer, my mother often put the beds outside and we slept under the stars.” Even today, she loves nature. She will probably go on a camping holiday again soon with her partner and children. “Just set off – destination open and the beach, reading, cooking and wearing little clothing – that’s my dream holiday.”

“The Lion’s Den” star and entrepreneur Ralf Dümmel (57), who was also filming for the new autumn season of the start-up show at the event, said that as a child on holiday with his parents he decided to become a truck driver: “When I saw the truck drivers in their cabs at the service stations with their mobile TVs there, I thought as a child: driving and watching TV! Dream job! That’s what I want to do!” The 57-year-old is not interested in camping. With his partner and children, he has an absolute must-have holiday: “Definitely a hotel with lots of beach and sun!”

Lili-Paul Roncalli delights with acrobatic performance

Other guests in the front row included the presenters Frauke Ludowig (60), Verena Wriedt (49) and Sandra Kuhn (42) as well as the singer Lulu Lewe (32). The well-known Austrian artist and model Lili-Paul Roncalli (26) made a special appearance. She provided a highlight on the catwalk with an exclusive acrobatic performance in fishnet stockings and a black bodysuit with transparent cut-outs.

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