Why is Taylor Swift so successful?: Lana Del Rey reveals her secret

Why is Taylor Swift so successful?: Lana Del Rey reveals her secret

It didn’t stop at just one song with Taylor Swift. Lana Del Rey is still friends with her today and reveals private things.

Lana Del Rey (38) has spoken out about what makes the most successful singer on the planet so successful. When asked by the BBC news service why Taylor Swift (34) is so popular, her colleague said: “She just wants it!”

The American singer added: “She’s really driven by it. And I think it’s really paid off.” Del Rey reveals details from private conversations with Swift: “She’s told me so many times that she wants it more than anyone else. And how amazing – she gets exactly what she wants.”

Common past

Taylor Swift continues her groundbreaking “The Eras” tour this weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, completing her first UK dates. At the start of the tour in March 2023, Swift praised Lana Del Rey’s latest album “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd” during a show in Las Vegas, according to Variety: “Guys, it’s so good,” she said, before playing their surprise collaborative song “Snow on the Beach.” “It’s just extraordinary.”

The solo artists recorded the track “Snow on the Beach” together for Swift’s album “Midnights” (2022). On the concert stage, Swift admitted to being a huge Del Rey fan. The singer “knows I’m obsessed with her, and she was kind enough to do the song ‘Snow on the Beach’ on ‘Midnights’ with me because she’s a generous queen,” Swift said at the start of her “The Eras” tour.

Both share long-time producer Jack Antonoff (40), with whom Del Rey has worked on her last three albums and who has been a close confidant of the pop star since Swift’s record “1989” (2014).

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