Joachim Llambi: Celebrities congratulate him on his new TV job

Joachim Llambi: Celebrities congratulate him on his new TV job

Joachim Llambi will soon be seen on MDR’s “Riverboat”. Colleagues of the “Let’s Dance” juror have already congratulated him on his new TV job.

“Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi (59) will be “part of the great talk show ‘Riverboat’ on MDR” from autumn. Following the announcement, numerous prominent friends and colleagues have already spoken out, “applying” to be guests on the talk show and congratulating Llambi on his new TV job.

In the comments on the 59-year-old’s post, dancer Detlef Soost (53), who was part of the most recent “Let’s Dance” season, said of some emojis: “Well, I’ll come around too. Congratulations.” Joachim Llambi’s jury colleague Motsi Mabuse (43) was also happy for him with three heart emojis. And motivational trainer Biyon Kattilathu (40), also a “Let’s Dance” candidate in 2024, said: “Cool! We’ll probably see each other there in the fall. Don’t worry: I won’t be dancing there.” Congratulations also came from singer Angelo Kelly (42) and dancer Massimo Sinató (43).

Great joy for Joachim Llambi

Joachim Llambi had previously written on Instagram about his new engagement: “Now it’s out earlier and what a great joy for me! From autumn I’ll be part of the great talk show ‘Riverboat’ on MDR!” He is really looking forward to seeing his colleagues Kim Fisher (55), Klaus Brinkbäumer (57), Matze Knop (49) and Wolfgang Lippert (72), Llambi continued. He is also “looking forward to the great viewers who have made ‘Riverboat’ one of the most successful shows on MDR and the ARD Group. Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in me for this.”

Joachim Llambi is best known to TV viewers as a “Let’s Dance” juror. The dance athlete, judge and TV presenter has been on the jury of the RTL dance show since 2006. And will probably continue to do so. According to media reports, his new talk show job will not affect this.

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