Miley Cyrus: Another incident with alleged stalker

Miley Cyrus: Another incident with alleged stalker

Apparently there was another incident with an alleged stalker in front of Miley Cyrus’ home.

Miley Cyrus (31) has apparently been harassed for around six years by a man who is said to have appeared in front of her property again. The alleged stalker was taken away by the police again.

According to an article on the US celebrity portal, a man who was arrested there in January recently showed up with a teddy bear in front of Cyrus’ home in Los Angeles. This was confirmed by police sources. Before he could even approach the house, security guards recognized the man because of previous incidents and detained him before the police were called. Cyrus was not at the location at the time of the incident.

Alleged stalker has been harassing Miley Cyrus since 2018

The police had arrested the man for violating a court order and taken him to prison. The portal reported that Cyrus had applied for a temporary restraining order against the alleged stalker. The judge in charge had granted this and, among other things, prohibited the man from contacting the singer, attending her concerts and coming closer than the equivalent of around 90 meters to Cyrus or her home.

Court documents at the time said that the man had reappeared in front of her property just days after he was released from prison. Cyrus had been receiving letters from the man since 2018, in which he had asked for money and made sexual innuendos, among other things. In the summer of 2022, he then showed up twice in Los Angeles and was turned away. He was arrested in December 2022 and served time until August 2023.

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