Glen Powell: Actor not looking for girlfriend

Glen Powell: Actor not looking for girlfriend

Glen Powell is ready for his true love, but the actor is not actively looking at the moment. A woman has to have that.

He wants to fall in love and has children, but Glen Powell (35) is not currently actively looking for a partner. The US actor said this in an interview with Gayle King (69). Powell also explains that a relationship in his industry is not necessarily easy to maintain.

“This is a time when life is moving so fast that I don’t even know if I could include someone in a healthy way if I tried,” says the popular movie star, who was most recently seen in “Top Gun: Maverick” alongside Tom Cruise (61) and alongside Sydney Sweeney (26) in “Where the Lies Fall”. However, with the “right person” it might be possible.

Glen Powell doesn’t chase love

Powell says he is not chasing love at the moment, but if it comes along and sweeps him away, “I’ll welcome it with open arms because that’s something I really want.” The actor would also like to have children: “I really want that phase of life. It’s not far away.”

At the same time, however, the actor is aware that it takes a very specific type of person to have a successful relationship with him. According to him, many elements of his life in the spotlight can negatively affect a person’s self-confidence and it can sometimes be difficult for that person to feel seen and loved. Powell does not want to bring anyone into this world who is not ready for that.

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