“Schlagerbooom Open Air”: Michelle and Eric Philippi want to get married

“Schlagerbooom Open Air”: Michelle and Eric Philippi want to get married

Eric Philippi revealed at the “Schlagerbooom Open Air” that he proposed to his partner Michelle.

Florian Silbereisen’s (42) show “Schlagerbooom Open Air” had a number of surprises in store on Saturday evening (June 8). Due to the bad weather in Kitzbühel, Austria, a recording from the previous day was apparently broadcast on Das Erste.

Meanwhile, there was good news from the two singers Michelle (52) and Eric Philippi (27). Silbereisen first explained: “Last year here at the ‘Schlagerbooom Open Air’ you announced that you were a couple. You made a lot of headlines,” added the 42-year-old. “Not everyone believed that you would stay together for long, but today you can say that they were wrong. You are far from just a couple, you live together, you work together.” Eric Philippi replied that he fondly remembers the nervousness he had a year ago, “especially because there were not only positive voices.” The singer then continued: “We were able to prove the opposite. For me it was clear from the first second anyway and we had been together for a little longer at that point, secretly.”

“Of course I said yes”

The 27-year-old also said: “We have been through the deepest lows together, but also the highest highs. It was clear to me: this is the woman for my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman.” That’s why he “asked her the question of all questions about two months ago.” Michelle added: “He asked me if I wanted to marry him and of course I said yes.” However, there are no concrete plans yet, says Eric Philippi, “we’ll probably do it privately.”

The couple is also apparently already planning a family. On June 2nd, they revealed on the RTL talk show “stern TV am Sonntag” that they are thinking about adoption.

Source: Stern

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