The best trick to whiten yellowed appliances and make them look like new

The best trick to whiten yellowed appliances and make them look like new

Embed – Bego. Organizer, mother of 7 on Instagram: “® Finally a remedy that whitens most plastics!!! And it is so easy to apply… we only need OXYGENATED WATER CREAM!! We clean the plastic we want to clean well with neutral soap and Once dry, we apply the cream very well so that it reaches all the corners. We cover with a transparent film (the kitchen film is perfect even if you have to use several pieces) and we leave it to act for 24 hours. We remove, clean and that’s it! the time that the cream has to act, the sun gives the plastic, we will improve the process. There are plastics that due to their composition require more than 24 hours of acting. Repeat and increase the time!! The OXYGENATED WATER CREAM is sold in hair salons. You also have it in my featured area, in the Amazon circle. There are several volumes, I use the 20 or 40, either of them is fine. Think about all the plastics that need a review: PVC windows. , interior of the refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave, blind drawer… even the soles of the sneakers!!! ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN APPLYING As always, it is advisable to first do a test on a non-visible site. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos you sent me!!! I even get nervous thinking about the great results achieved by @la_ordenatriz #laordenatriz #limpiezaordenfelicidad #ordenatrizlibro #cremadeaguaoxygenada #casa #blancar #arreglarcosasdecasa #reciclar #orden #laordenatrizteenseña #laordenatrizteayuda #electrodomesticos

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