Toni Kroos: These celebrities are calling for blood donations

Toni Kroos: These celebrities are calling for blood donations

Blood donation is “team spirit and solidarity”! Toni Kroos and Shirin David support a DRK campaign as part of World Blood Donor Day.

“It’s like in football – team spirit and solidarity count here.” Football world champion Toni Kroos (34) is supporting the German Red Cross (DRK) alongside other celebrities this year as part of World Blood Donor Day on June 14th. The German European Championship midfielder is part of the campaign “#missingtype – Only when it’s missing do you notice it” for the DRK blood donation services. “As a German national player, I am aware that I reach a lot of people,” Kroos explains about his participation. Regular blood donations are essential, for example, in order to stay alive in the event of complications during operations using a blood transfusion, Kroos continues.

Musician Shirin David (29) is also involved at his side. “From experience, I can say that strokes of fate can make you dependent on regular blood donations from one day to the next,” says David. That is why it is an “absolute matter of the heart” for her to support the #missingtype campaign and to make her large community aware of “this urgency”: “I hope above all that I can encourage many new and young people in particular to donate blood and save lives.”

Nader Jindaoui (27), a professional footballer from the capital city club Hertha BSC, is also calling on his fans to donate blood. Like David, he speaks of a “matter close to his heart”: “Unfortunately, there is so much suffering in the world and as a Palestinian, it particularly affects me. That’s why I’m using my reach to draw attention to how important it is to donate blood, no matter where, no matter for whom.”

David Alaba and Lothar Matthäus also support #missingtype

In addition to Kroos, David and Jindaoui, several other stars are also supporting the current campaign and using their social media reach to raise awareness of the blood donation day. For example, the Austrian Real Madrid star David Alaba (31), DFB record international player Lothar Matthäus (63), the presenters Esther Sedlaczek (38) and Katharina Kleinfeldt (31) as well as former handball star Pascal Hens (44).

The demographic change is posing a major challenge to the blood supply in Germany, says the German Red Cross about the urgency of the appeal. This is precisely why this year’s campaign is aimed primarily at the young target group. “15,000 blood donations are needed nationwide every day,” warns Patric Nohe, press spokesman for the German Red Cross blood donation services. That is why we can only ensure that sick and seriously injured people can continue to receive care in the future if we work together. Respect and thanks are therefore due to the supporters: “Thanks to their exemplary commitment, we can reach even more people and, ideally, encourage them to donate blood and thus provide an irreplaceable, solidarity-based service to the community.”

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