Courteney Cox: “Friends” star remembers dance video performance

Courteney Cox: “Friends” star remembers dance video performance

Instead of dancing in a disco, Courteney Cox danced in Bruce Springsteen’s music video in the 80s. She now reminded us of that in a funny way.

Actress Courteney Cox (59) appeared in a video by Bruce Springsteen (74) a few years before her “Friends” career. She has now recreated her “Dancing in the Dark” moment for a TikTok challenge.

Courteney Cox jokes about her 80s appearance

In recent weeks, TikTokers have been asking their mothers how they danced in the 1980s and then posting videos of it. This trend has now reached Hollywood star Cox, who began her career in 1984 with the music video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”. Before that, she had only appeared in one episode of the soap “Jung und Leidenschaftlich – Wie das Leben so spielt”. An appearance that will probably have remained well in her memory. “The dancing of the 1980s… in the dark,” she titled her video for the TikTok trend. In it, she initially moves quite well to the song “Smalltown Boy” before shaking her head after a few seconds, taking off her jacket and revealing the same Bruce Springsteen T-shirt that she wore in the video for “Dancing in the Dark”.

Then her dance moves become more upbeat and rock-oriented – and the footage fades to the 1984 gig where Cox dances on stage with Springsteen. It would prove to be a breakthrough for the actress, who became a global star with the “Scream” films and, of course, the cult series “Friends”.

Prominent colleagues applaud

For her video, Cox received encouragement not only from many fans, but also from celebrity friends: “Friends” colleague Jennifer Aniston (55) sent clapping and laughing smileys, Julianne Moore (63) also gave digital applause and Jennifer Garner (52) said: “You win.”

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