Antonia Guzmán: color as a link between humans

Antonia Guzmán: color as a link between humans

In her new exhibition at the Zurbarán gallery, the artist deepens the ideas of rapprochement and connection that were already present in her previous exhibition, in which the pandemic placed a sadder accent.

In a 2022 show at Otto Galería, Antonia Guzman He had titled several of his works “Close ties”, “Minimal approach”, “Nexus between two”, just to name a few. That is to say, the idea of ​​union, of relating, is constantly in his head and in the movement of his fingers when he paints, no matter the material he works with.

Why this idea of ​​link? First of all, he is a sensitive human being, permeable to all the vicissitudes that life offers. In that exhibition was the germ of what is currently unfolding in Zurbarán: large planes of color that could be walls of the great fortress that protects it, these planes are juxtaposed, at some point they meet. These color planes, unlike the previous sample, give rise to a bright coloristic vibewe thought, perhaps, in a different state of mind regarding 2022 when the pandemic was flying over our lives.

Guzman She expresses her affection towards those around her with all the possible color range, there are moments when they touch each other imperceptibly, she puts her body and her spirit in painting with constructivist roots, the geometric underlies it, but with its own flight, now far from the teachings. . We could even say that they constitute organic forms because his body is placed in them. And they impose themselves on our gaze.

There is also a set of watercolors that he had exhibited in 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mérida and that were never shown in Buenos Aires. A world of little flags, of triangular shapes, arrows that float in space, ethereal, subtle, measured color, without stridency, there is always an interweaving of shapes that seek to touch each other.

You would have to be a full-time poet like Antonia Guzman that in a book presented and commented on in this column at the time, almost haikus that describe the sensitivity that emanates from her to capture the sensation and joy that her works provoke: she takes you/rocks you/aways; crosses the air/mother of pearl in the wind/I am destiny/your gaze; It looks ethereal/light and sweet/clear/meek/friendly.

“Vínculos” is exhibited in Zurbarán, Cerrito 1522. Monday to Friday from 2 to 7 p.m..

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