Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: crisis rumors continue

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: crisis rumors continue

Amidst the crisis rumors, Jennifer Lopez continues to wear her wedding ring. But she and Ben Affleck actually want to get rid of their villa.

The rumor mill about Jennifer Lopez (54) and Ben Affleck (51) continues to simmer. After “TMZ” reported that they want to sell their 80 million dollar mansion, an insider has now confirmed this. Is this a clear indication that the marriage is already on the verge of ending after two years? The singer sent a different signal at the weekend when she was once again out and about with her wedding and engagement ring.

A broker should have been appointed long ago

The two stars have only lived in the Beverly Hills property since June 2023. This was preceded by a long search for the perfect home for their blended family. “Bennifer” is said to have examined more than 80 properties in Los Angeles. They are now said to have commissioned a real estate agent to sell them. The 3,500 square meter house stands on a two-acre plot and has twelve bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, a garage for twelve cars and a pool, as well as a sports complex with basketball and pickleball facilities, a gym and a boxing ring.

There has been speculation about the relationship status of the actor and the singer for weeks. While Jennifer Lopez is currently said to be living in the villa in Beverly Hills, her husband has long since moved out. While filming his film “The Accountant 2” he is living in a rental house in Brentwood, reported “People”. The singer is already looking for a new house.

J.Lo’s tour cancellation on May 31st also fueled the crisis rumors. In a statement on her homepage, the singer justified the drastic step by saying she wanted to take some time off to be with her children, family and close friends. One day before the cancellation, Lopez was seen holding hands with Affleck as they supported his daughter Violet (18) at her graduation party.

She arrived at the restaurant wearing her wedding and engagement rings

While some US media are already reporting on an imminent divorce, the 54-year-old confused observers on June 8 when she showed up at a dinner at “Giorgio Baldi” in Santa Monica wearing her wedding and engagement rings. In addition to her jewelry, Lopez wore a tight, cream-colored knit dress and a ponytail.

It remains to be seen whether “Bennifer” will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on July 16. The couple were together from 2002 to 2004, but then called off their engagement. In 2021, they gave their love another chance. In July 2022, the two, who have no children together, married in Las Vegas. Since mid-May, there have been rumors about an alleged marital crisis between the two stars. They have not yet officially commented on the matter.

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