Society: Billie Eilish on her experience with ghosting

Society: Billie Eilish on her experience with ghosting

Even superstars can come into contact with this interpersonal phenomenon. The singer tells a personal story.

US megastar Billie Eilish (22) says she has had experiences with ghosting. The word comes from the English word “ghost” and means that someone suddenly breaks off contact unilaterally without warning the other person or even informing them about it.

“I experienced a crazy ghosting. It happened in December,” says the singer (“What Was I Made For”) in the BBC podcast “Miss Me?” with British singer Lily Allen. It was someone she had known for years. They had made plans, but then the person simply didn’t show up for the planned meeting. She never heard from him again.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said the two-time Oscar winner. She later saw that the person was with someone. “I really hate cowards,” said Eilish. “And when I get the impression that someone is being cowardly, it just makes me so angry.” And ghosting is sometimes simply that someone is too cowardly to say something.

The fact that celebrities also have experience with ghosting was demonstrated by actress Drew Barrymore (“Charlie’s Angels”), who told “People” magazine in 2022 that she had become a victim of it.

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