Golf star Rory McIlory and Erica Stoll: The divorce is called off

Golf star Rory McIlory and Erica Stoll: The divorce is called off
Golf star Rory McIlory and Erica Stoll: The divorce is called off

A month ago, golf megastar Rory McIlroy filed for divorce. Now, however, the couple wants to make a fresh start.

Surprising turnaround for Northern Irish golf star Rory McIlroy (35) and his wife Erica Stoll (35): The couple does not want to divorce after all. After filing for divorce in May, he has now withdrawn it.

Best future as a “joint family”

As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, the Irishman’s lawyer filed a notice of voluntary dismissal on his behalf in Palm Beach District Court on the afternoon of June 11. The court then dismissed the case.

The 35-year-old initially filed for dissolution of the marriage on May 13, but he says he and his wife have since resolved their problems. “There have been rumors about my private life recently, which is unfortunate. Reacting to every rumor is a fool’s errand,” the athlete told the Guardian on Tuesday. “In recent weeks, Erica and I have realized that our best future is a family together. Thankfully, we have resolved our differences and are looking forward to a fresh start.”

The announcement of the divorce was also surprising

The divorce cancellation comes as much as a surprise as the news of the separation a month ago: While McIlroy was preparing for the PGA Championship in Kentucky, Erica Stoll received divorce papers at his house in Jupiter, which stated that their marriage was “irrevocably broken”. The golf pro applied for joint custody of their three-year-old daughter Poppy and for the court to enforce a prenuptial agreement that the couple had signed before their wedding in April 2017.

In the summons, Stoll was given 20 days to file a counterclaim or risk the court granting the divorce by default. However, by the June 2 deadline, she had neither filed a response nor registered a lawyer, according to the Daily Mail.

They have known each other since 2012

The Northern Irishman met Erica from the US state of New York during a 2012 Ryder Cup tournament in Illinois, where she was working for the PGA. They only became a couple later. McIlroy and Stoll married in 2017. Their now three-year-old daughter, Poppy Kennedy, was born in 2020.

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