Netflix: the erotic series about deception and obsession that has 30-minute chapters

Netflix: the erotic series about deception and obsession that has 30-minute chapters
Netflix: the erotic series about deception and obsession that has 30-minute chapters

Learn everything about this series that heats up the platform screens: the details, in the note.

If you are bored walking through the immense catalog offered by Netflix, This note is for you. Dark Desirea Mexican production released in 2020, is one of the series that lights up the streaming platform the most.

Directed by Pedro Pablo Ybarra and Kenya Márquez, this Erotic drama touches on themes such as infidelity, uncontrolled passion, guilt and the consequences of decisionspresenting a narrative full of unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The series has two seasons and 33 episodes. If you like productions with short episodes, throughout two seasons you will find episodes that last only 30 minutes.


What Dark Desire is about, an erotic Netflix series

The story focuses on Alma Solares, a prominent lawyer and university professor, married to Leonardo, a renowned judge. Although her family life seems to be stable, Alma feels dissatisfied and decides to visit her friend Brenda to relax and escape her daily routine.

During this weekend, Alma meet Darío Guerra, a young 23-year-old student, with whom he begins a fiery romance. This chance encounter unleashes a series of turbulent and dangerous events, full of deceptions, obsessions and mysteries that affect both Alma and her family.

Throughout the series, they come to light dark secrets and complex relationships between characters. Alma’s life becomes entangled in a web of lies and betrayals that lead her to question everything she thought she knew about herself and her marriage. Tension and suspense increase as the characters try to discover the truth hidden behind appearances and the secrets that surround them.

Trailer for Dark Desire, an erotic Netflix series

Embed – Dark Desire Trailer Spanish HD Netflix 2020

Cast of Dark Desire, Netflix erotic series

  • Maite Perroni
  • Erik Hayser
  • Alejandro Speitzer
  • Jorge Poza
  • Catherine Siachoque
  • Arturo Barba
  • Regina Pavon
  • Ariana Saavedra
  • María Fernanda Yepes
  • Paulina Matos
  • Leticia Huijara
  • Claudia Pineda
  • Esteban Soberanes
  • Claudia Rios
  • Samantha Orozco
  • Fabian Merlo
  • Eligio Melendez
  • Carmen Beato
  • Carlos Torres
  • Toño Valdes

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