They denounced Carlos Perciavalle and his partner for alleged sexual abuse

They denounced Carlos Perciavalle and his partner for alleged sexual abuse
They denounced Carlos Perciavalle and his partner for alleged sexual abuse

Carlos PerciavalleUruguayan actor and comedian was denounced along with his partner Jimmy Castilhos by an 18-year-old young man, alleging a alleged sexual abuse and unlawful deprivation of liberty. The defendants rejected the accusations.

According to what the complaint describes, TSP, of Uruguayan nationality, assured that he maintained an informal employment relationship with Perciavalle until March 18, when He was invited to a work meeting that led to a series of advances and harassment during a vehicle trip to Morón.

The plaintiff filed the complaint in the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) number 8 of the Judicial Department of Morón, headed by Adriana Suárez Corripio.

What the complaint says against the actor and his partner

The complainant explained that, during the journey, He was harassed by a man named Daniel and then by Castilhos: “Jimmy turns around and violently puts his hand through my clothes, telling me: ‘We’ll give you 100 dollars if you let yourself be… for the three of us’“said the young man.

Given the victim’s refusal, they told him: “Come on… you like these things. If all the entertainment in Uruguay was in that body.”

The complaint includes more disturbing details, including threats and offensive comments from Perciavalle: “Gordito today we break your ass…”was another of the phrases that the young man reported.

The complainant also alleged that he was taken to an apartment where the intimidation continued, but clarified that the three alleged suspects finally slept in one room and he in another.

In fact, he explained that he asked to be dropped off at a service station, but that they refused to do it and he couldn’t get out of the car because they were going at high speed, at the same time he didn’t know the area and he was just going to be lost.

Perciavalle and her husband rejected the accusations

After the complaint became known, Perciavalle and her husband rejected the accusations: “It’s an absolute invention. Nobody called me to confirm news like that before releasing it. Everyone knows what I am.”

For his part, Castilhos added: “We met T. when he worked in our house. He offered us to go to the opening of a sushi house where he worked, in La Mansa (Punta del Este). We went and from that moment he said that he was going to get us a sponsor for our wedding.”

Likewise, he reported that the young man offered to collaborate in the organization of his wedding, but instead of complying, he allegedly defrauded them.

“He got us free sushi and told us he wanted to work for us. From that day on, not only did that person not take care of anything at our wedding, but he kept all my contacts, including the owner of an acquaintance coffee, and asked him for money, approximately $600, to participate as a sponsor for our wedding,” he explained.

In addition, Perciavalle’s husband added a confusing episode that he experienced with a supposed plumber: “He stayed two or three nights at our house saying that he was changing apartments, until on the last day, he brought a plumber to my house The plumber looks at me and I say: ‘Is he looking at me because I’m Jimmy Castilhos?’ Until at one point the guy comes and tells me: ‘I’m going to tell you something: I’m not a plumber, I came here to rob you,'”

The artist’s partner accused the young man of being a scammer and stated that he had rented an apartment where he supposedly He exploited three Argentine boys without passports.

“That person is a sad young scammer. He is going to eat a trial, because we are innocent and everyone knows it”hill.

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