Taylor Swift on world tour: this is how she keeps fit

Taylor Swift on world tour: this is how she keeps fit
Taylor Swift on world tour: this is how she keeps fit

No alcohol and a workout that would “probably make some people throw up”: Taylor Swift is playing the 100th show of her world tour this week. This is how the singer is keeping fit.

When Taylor Swift takes the stage of her “The Eras” tour in Liverpool on Thursday, it will be the 100th time she has done so: since March 2023, the singer has been touring the world with hits from all of her eleven studio albums. A show lasts up to three hours, during which Swift dances, sings, plays music and makes several costume changes. To get through this, Swift completes an impressive exercise routine.

“Her work ethic is just incredible,” her personal trainer Kirk Meyers recently enthused. “Some people would probably throw up or fall to the floor if they trained like she does.” Swift herself said in an interview with Time magazine that she started training six months before the tour started. “I knew that this tour would be by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. So I finally started preparing physically for it for the first time.”

Taylor Swift sings her concerts on the treadmill

The 34-year-old trained with Meyers up to six times a week and at least two hours a day. “We approached her training for the Eras tour with the mindset of a professional athlete,” Meyers describes it. Strength exercises, cardio training and especially strengthening the core muscles, which helps with singing, were on the program. Taylor Swift also sang the entire set list every day – while running on the treadmill. “Fast for fast songs and more like jogging or fast walking for slow songs,” said Swift. In addition, there were three months of dance classes to master the choreography by heart.

On her previous tours she behaved like a party student, but now she doesn’t drink during the tour. And she continues to train between shows – although she allows herself a whole day in bed during longer breaks. “I don’t leave my bed then, except to get food and then eat it there. It’s a dream,” she says. In July she will show off her fitness in Germany: Taylor Swift will be on stage in Hamburg, Gelsenkirchen and Munich.

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