“The Women of Lorca” arrives at the CTBA Teatro del Plata

“The Women of Lorca” arrives at the CTBA Teatro del Plata
“The Women of Lorca” arrives at the CTBA Teatro del Plata

Written by Marisé Monteiro and starring Ana María Cores, the play is based on the life and work of Federico García Lorca and is presented at the Mataderos theater that belongs to the Buenos Aires Theater Complex.

Premieres “The women of Lorca”, a musical theater play written by Marisé Monteirobased on the life and work by Federico García Lorcastarring Ana Maria Cores with general direction, staging and original music by Nacho Medina. It can be seen starting Saturday at the Teatro del Plata, in the Buenos Aires Theater Complex, with performances on Saturdays and Sundays at 5 p.m.

The work tells the story of Rosario, a woman trapped in a rural world governed by a sexist society and by the fear of what people will say. She, waiting for an impossible love, has resigned herself with total integrity to an irremediable singleness that has condemned her to a solitary life, whose only meaning is to suspiciously care for the Huerta de San Vicente, property of the Lorca family, which remains in exile.

The action takes place in November 1975. These are times of change, the death of Francisco Franco has put an end to a long period of dictatorship that kept Spain divided into two irreconcilable sides. Hope has defeated fear. Everywhere there is talk of freedom, of consensus and an erotic fever “uncovers” the fantasies of a people who are beginning to discover sex without taboos. In the midst of so much effervescence, one afternoon, in a distant part of Granada, an imaginary interlocutor bursts into the protagonist’s monotonous routine and takes her back to the time she shared with Federico, either by giving voice to the characters of her theater, or remembering the key moments in the poet’s life and the way he perceives himself in the world.

The piece has festive moments, marked by humor, and others in which the drama bursts in with all its force, interspersing the verbatim word, with his most famous poems converted into songs, which are taken as a natural continuation of the story. In this way, the protagonist evokes anecdotes and experiences, entering and exiting the stories of these women that he immortalized, to finally reveal to the viewer that she is, in short, all the women of the Lorca theater: Passionate, like Mariana Pineda. Rebel, like the prodigious Zapatera. Empty, like Yerma. With dead hope, like Doña Rosita the single one. In mourning like Bernarda Alba and without consolation, like the mother of Blood Wedding.

They complete the cast Carmen Mesa (Singer and Dancer), Giuliana Sosa (Piano), Paula Carrizo (Guitar) and Lucia Cuesta (Violin) and Nahuel Cuadrelli (Voice-over).

The set and costume design is Borestein Bluethe choreography of Eva Iglesias, the musical direction, arrangements and choral arrangements of Giuliana Sosathe lighting design of Agnese Lozupone, the visual design of Juan Selva, the vocal and choral direction of Lali Vidallighting assistance Lailen Alvarezset design and costume assistance Maia Doudchitzky and management assistance Iara Sarmiento

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