Netflix: the sex and drama miniseries that lasts only 10 chapters

Netflix: the sex and drama miniseries that lasts only 10 chapters
Netflix: the sex and drama miniseries that lasts only 10 chapters

One of the greatest pieces of advice in adult life is not to fall in love in the workplace, something that will be difficult for Emanuel.

Diary of a Gigolo is one of the series available on Netflix whose theme seems trivial, but knows how to give a twist to drama and seriousness in an unexpected way. It is directed by the well-known Argentine producer Sebastián Ortega, but of Spanish origin and cast.

Their Chapters last approximately 1 hour and so far it exists only a season of 10 episodes. The series mixes the superficiality of the work of a sexual companion with the problems that can appear when unwanted sentimental situations arise.


Promotion image of the Netflix series

Promotion image for the Netflix series “Diary of a Gigolo”.

What Diary of a Gigolo is about, Netflix miniseries

It is a drama series that tells the life of Emanuel, a young man rescued from the streets with a tragic past, where a company puts him to work as a sexual escort. He accepts and quickly goes from a miserable situation to a life of luxury.

This takes an unexpected turn when one of his regular clients, whose name is Ana, asks him for a particular task. It happens that her daughter, Julia, finds herself in a situation of low self-esteem and the inability to relate emotionally after having been part of the car accident where her father died. Emanuel’s task will be to make Julia fall in love so that he can open up to relationships again, but her problems will begin when he begins to have feelings for her, a situation forbidden by Ana.

Trailer for Diary of a Gigolo, Netflix miniseries

Embed – Diary of a Gigolo | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of Diary of a Gigolo, Netflix miniseries

  • Jesus Castro (Emanuel)
  • Victoria White (Julia)
  • Fabiola Campomanes (Ana)
  • Begoña Narváez (Florence)
  • Francisco Denis (Victor)
  • Adriana Barraza (Minou)
  • Alosian Vivancos (Abel)

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