The landing in Normandy, evoked with emotion

The landing in Normandy, evoked with emotion
The landing in Normandy, evoked with emotion

June 5, 2014. Bernard Jordana Royal Navy veteran, better known as Bernie, travels to Ouistreham, France, where the next day the Queen Elizabeth and President Obama will lead the event 70th anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

In that framework, the Jordan It wouldn’t be news if he weren’t already 89 years old, he walks using a walker, and he doesn’t travel with any delegation, not a friend, not even a nurse. And he knows several nurses, because he lives in a nursing home.

That is, he escaped from the workhouse in Hove, waited for transport to Brighton, then to Dover, where he took the ferry to Calais without knowing where he was going to spend the night. Meanwhile, the staff and the police were desperate looking for him. All desperate, except his wife.

This really happened, and it came out in the media on both sides. It is the story of a man who before dying wanted to pay tribute to his fallen comrades, especially to a tank driver for whose death he felt partially responsible..

Yes too the love story of a couple, from when he was a simple sailor and she a girl with red lips until they are oldor as it is said affectionately and with a bit of admiration and envy, they are already old and still love each other (and they live together and well cared for in that nursing home that almost looks like a hotel, another enviable thing).

Anything else. This film will also go down in history. It is the last one that Glenda Jackson filmed before she diedjust a few months after filming, and it is also the farewell piece by Michael Caine, who at the age of 90 has already publicly announced his retirement.

Two sacred monsters, with two Oscars each, to say the least. TO Cain They can still tempt him and he is able to accept, but the one in this film is a fired lady. She is great every time she speaks, and every time she looks and without saying a word she says it all.

Anthological scenes, the return of some old men to the beach where they fought, the brief dialogue of the reunion with his wife, when he ironically says that he is not a fugitive from the asylum, but from the drawer, and even more so the scene of the encounter with a German veteran who was fighting in the same place that day. They would have killed each other then, they greet each other militarily now, with respect and pain.

Sword, the Allies called that beach near Ouistreham. Bayoux is the town on the side of which is the British military cemetery. 4,144 soldiers lay there, and another 2,092 were scattered nearby. “What a waste!”, It feels like screaming at the sight of so many graves of twenty-something kids.

Director, Oliver Parker, all-round professional. Script, William Ivory. In the distribution, John Standing (the Aviator), Danielle Vitalis (the nurse), Wolf Kahler (the German), Victor Oshin (the young man wounded in the battle of Helmand, Afghanistan), Laura Marcus and Will Fletcher (the lovers, when they were young, and to tell the truth Laura Marcus is prettier than Glenda Jackson was, but she is less sensual).

“The last escape” (The Great Escaper, GB, 2023). Dir.: Oliver Parker. Starring: Michael Caine, Glenda Jackson, Danielle Vitalis, John Standing.

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