Katy Karrenbauer: Back on the red carpet after a stroke

Katy Karrenbauer: Back on the red carpet after a stroke
Katy Karrenbauer: Back on the red carpet after a stroke

Actress Katy Karrenbauer appears in good spirits again on the red carpet in Berlin after her stroke.

Actress Katy Karrenbauer (61) appeared on the red carpet in Berlin about two weeks after an operation. The 61-year-old announced at the beginning of June that the medical procedure was necessary due to a mild stroke.

Katy Karrenbauer wants to “always think positively”

Now Karrenbauer seems to be doing better. At the “Festival of the Production Alliance” when asked how she was dealing with her diagnosis: “Always positive, without confidence nothing really works in life.” The actress and singer added: “What did the neurologist say so beautifully the other day? ‘You know what? Life is all about risk.’ So in that respect you just have to stay positive.”

At the appearance in Berlin, Katy Karrenbauer, who became known for her role as Christine “Walter” in the TV series “Hinter Gittern – der Frauenknast”, appeared in a black outfit consisting of a leather jacket, boots, straight trousers and a dark top. She wore her hair in a ponytail. She accessorized with sunglasses, which she had put in her hair. A large plaster could also be seen on the actress’s neck.

“I will recover completely”

The patch in which Katy Karrenbauer reported on June 1st that she had undergone surgery. She revealed in the post that she had had a mild stroke. “Thanks to early detection and timely action, I was able to get help so quickly,” she continued. “I am very grateful for that. That is the only reason I am making this story public, otherwise I would have kept it to myself for fear that this news could affect me professionally.” The actress concluded the post with good news: “I will make a full recovery, and that is great!”

Source: Stern

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