The German village located a few kilometers from Buenos Aires for a family getaway

The German village located a few kilometers from Buenos Aires for a family getaway
The German village located a few kilometers from Buenos Aires for a family getaway

Santa María offers a picturesque walk for tourism in an environment that protects the customs of the Volga immigrants.

Santa Maria It is an exotic destination that is located within the Buenos Aires province. This village allows many Buenos Aires residents to break with their routine to enjoy a gastronomic tourism and cultural with German overtones. This town is characterized by the heritage of European customs both in its food and in its architecture.

Argentina has a history enriched by constant waves of migration that he received over the years. These attracted thousands of foreigners who sought a better future in our country. These in turn shared their knowledge and customs with the rest of the town. Santa María is a great example of these cases because its German roots are practically intact for the enjoyment of tourists.

What to do in Santa María, Buenos Aires

This town attracts tourism to the region for his fidelity to the customs of the Volga Germans. These roots can be seen in their daily lives, their culture and in the structures of their homes, businesses and temples. These are built with adobe bricks and their galleries are adorned with wooden borders.

Strudel Fest party


The highlight of Santa María is its gastronomy, the town offers restaurant services and has a craft brewery. But the most important date for this sector is during March, when the usual Strudel Fest party is celebrated. In this celebration the largest strudel in Argentina is made, it is a cake originating from the Austro-Hungarian empire that is characterized by its apple filling. On this date there are also artisan walks, guided tours, a beer garden and typical music and dance shows.

During the rest of the year you can also visit the House Museum of the “Héctor Maier Schwerdt” Cultural Center. You can also visit the Andenkenplatz Square, which is decorated with various cars used by the first immigrant inhabitants. Faith is also present in the Nativity of Mary Most Holy Parish, which has a German style, and in the Grotto of Our Lady of Fátima.

How to get to Santa María, Buenos Aires

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The town is located 15 kilometers from the city of Coronel Suárez. To travel from the City of Buenos Aires, it is recommended to take National Route Number 3, although it is a trip of almost 550 kilometers.

You can also go to Santa María from the long-distance bus transportation services offered by the companies Plusmar, Jetmar Condor, La Estrella and Andesmar or with the Roca Line railway that connects the City of Buenos Aires and Bahía Blanca.

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