Princess Kate returns to public appointments

Princess Kate returns to public appointments
Princess Kate returns to public appointments

Princess Kate had withdrawn from public life after an operation and a bout of cancer. In the future, she will represent the British royal family again.

Royal return: Around two and a half months after announcing her cancer, Princess Kate wants to attend public events again. The wife of the British heir to the throne, Prince William, announced this in a personal statement released by Kensington Palace in London on Friday.

“I look forward to attending the King’s birthday parade with my family this weekend and hope to be able to attend some public events over the summer,” she said. But she is also aware that she is not out of the woods yet. The palace also published a new photo of the 42-year-old.

Last seen in public at Christmas

The future queen last appeared in public at Christmas. At that time, Kate and her family attended a church service near the royal estate Sandringham in eastern England.

Details about Kate’s illness are not known. The 42-year-old had an abdominal operation in January. Tests after the operation showed that she had cancer, Kate said in a video in which she made her illness public at the end of March. On the advice of her medical team, she is receiving chemotherapy as a precautionary measure.

Princess Kate apologizes

Kate’s father-in-law, King Charles III, also has cancer and is being treated. The British head of state has been attending regular appointments again since the end of April and most recently travelled to France for the 80th anniversary of the so-called D-Day. Unlike the king, Kate had completely withdrawn from her duties as a royal. Her husband Prince William also withdrew for several weeks in the spring to support his wife and their three children.

Most recently, Kate apologized in a letter to the Irish Guards, the royal regiment, for missing the rehearsal for the King’s traditional birthday parade. Kate has the honorary title of “Colonel of the Irish Guards” and was therefore supposed to have attended the dress rehearsal last Saturday. “I hope to be able to represent you all again soon,” the letter said. This fueled speculation that the Princess would soon be seen in public again.

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