Trooping the Colour: These are the changes to the procedure this year

Trooping the Colour: These are the changes to the procedure this year
Trooping the Colour: These are the changes to the procedure this year

Princess Kate celebrates her comeback at the “Trooping the Colour” birthday parade. Here are the schedule and the details.

A lot has happened in the royal family since the last “Trooping the Colour” parade in 2023. King Charles and Princess Kate have been diagnosed with cancer and until yesterday it was not clear whether the princess would take part in the big birthday parade for the king. However, the palace announced on Friday that she will be there.

However, due to serious illnesses in the royal family, there will be some changes. King Charles would normally accompany the military parade on horseback, but due to cancer treatments and health restrictions, he will participate in a carriage in 2024.

The parade in the heart of London begins at 11 a.m. German time. First, the participating troops will line up on the Horse Guards Parade, then King Charles and Queen Camilla will set off in a carriage from Buckingham Palace along the boulevard The Mall to the parade ground. The active royals Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Edward are expected to accompany the cavalry on horseback.

This is the planned schedule for the Trooping the Colour parade

11:00 a.m.: Members of the Royal Family leave Buckingham Palace for Horse Guards Parade
11:30 a.m.: Arrival at the Horse Guards Parade parade ground
12:00: Appreciation of the troops by King Charles, start of the parade
13:20: Return of the British royal family to Buckingham Palace
14:00: Royal Air Force aircraft fly over, with members of the British royal family standing on the balcony

King Charles inspects the troops on the specially created sand square near Buckingham Palace, the Horse Guards Parade, with a different regiment being responsible for the parade each year.

In 2024 it will be the Irish Guards. A total of 1,400 soldiers in guard uniform, 200 horses and 400 musicians will take part in the birthday parade in honor of the king. There are barriers around the palace for the people waiting. In the square itself, around 8,000 spectators watch the action from the stands of the parade ground. In a meticulously choreographed parade, the flag is presented to the monarch before it goes back to Buckingham Palace. There, the British royal family will gather on the balcony to watch the crowning finale of “Trooping the Colour” with the flyover of the Royal Air Force aircraft.

Although King Charles’ birthday is November 14, the parade traditionally takes place in June. His late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who was at the centre of the military parade for 70 years, was born on April 21 – a date that often does not have summer temperatures, so it was decided that the monarch’s birthday parade would always take place in June.

The spectacle in London will be broadcast by ARD. The special broadcast “In Honour of the King – Parade for King Charles III” will be broadcast between 11:30 and 14:05. There will also be a live stream of “Trooping the Colour” from 12 noon on n-tv. Stern royal expert Catrin Bartenbach will be commenting as a studio guest.

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