What Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other CEOs read

What Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other CEOs read
What Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and other CEOs read

There are at least 5 reasons why leaders around the world recommend reading with perseverance and dedication. Here you have them.

At this time in the world, the speed of information is dizzying, and knowledge is constantly updated. This is why staying up to date is crucial for anyone, and even more so for anyone who is a business leader.

However, How do CEOs stay ahead and make informed decisions? The answer is simple and powerful: reading. Figures like Bill Gates, who devours 50 books a year and reviews them on his blog, and Warren Buffett who dedicates approximately 80% of their day to reading, show that this habit goes beyond pleasure; It is a strategic tool for success.

You may be thinking that they have time to do it; and it is true. Although it is also true that super busy people spend at least 30 minutes a day reading on a regular basis. So, it’s not about the time you have, but your will and fervent desire to stay updated, in this case, through reading.

Why CEOs and senior managers read a lot

There are at least 5 reasons why leaders around the world recommend reading with perseverance and dedication. Here you have them:

  • Broaden your perspectives: Reading offers a window to different worlds, varied opinions and novel approaches. For business leaders, understanding diverse perspectives is key to making balanced, informed and strategic decisions.
  • They keep their mental acuity sharp: Books challenge the intellect, foster curiosity, and stimulate critical thinking. This acuity is essential in making complex decisions and solving problems.
  • They consume sources of inspiration and motivation: Success stories, biographies of historical leaders, and life philosophies provide rich ground for inspiration, offering valuable lessons that can be applied in business leadership and management.
  • They seek to constantly update themselves: The business world changes at a rapid pace. Reading allows them to stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in their industry. They even read not only books, but scientific articles, business reports, and various material related to their tastes and affinities.
  • They develop their empathy and social skills: Reading about different cultures, personal stories, and global issues helps them increase empathy and improve communication and leadership skills when dealing with diverse teams.
  • 3 tips to incorporate reading

You don’t have to be leaders or billionaires to have the habit of reading. Anyone who wants to strengthen their personal and professional skills can do so starting right now.

Once, a reader of my articles commented “Books are very expensive”; to which I responded that in every city in the world, and also on the Internet, there are free access libraries, with much more material than you could read in a lifetime.

So, it’s about focus, discipline and direction with intention towards what you want to culture. For this, here are three simple tips to implement:

  • Set clear goals: Define how many books you want to read per month or year. Start with small goals and gradually increase. Valid from one page per day onwards. There will come a time when reading will be your company and co-pilot in the development of your abilities.
  • Make reading a daily habit: Set aside a specific time of day to read, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Consistency is key. Search for texts according to your interests, and, as you advance in the habit, increase the levels of interest and depth.
  • Vary the topics: Related to the above, reading becomes more enjoyable when you explore different genres and themes. This will not only keep you motivated, but will also expand your understanding of the world and enrich your critical thinking.

Reading is not only a source of pleasure, but a strategic tool that the world’s most influential leaders use to stay informed, inspired and prepared for the challenges of the future. If you decide to incorporate this habit, you will be taking a step towards personal and professional growth.

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