People: “Let’s Dance” offspring: Baby Hänni is here

People: “Let’s Dance” offspring: Baby Hänni is here
People: “Let’s Dance” offspring: Baby Hänni is here

Professional dancer Christina Hänni and singer Luca Hänni are one of the great love couples on “Let’s Dance”: First they were a dance couple, then a married couple – and now they are also parents.

Singer Luca Hänni and his wife Christina have become parents. “Our family band has a new band leader!” Christina Hänni wrote on Instagram. “A duo becomes a trio and she sets the tone perfectly.”

The three are now enjoying “our time getting to know each other,” the Instagram post, decorated with hearts, continued. Hänni also posted a picture with a baby’s foot in her parents’ hands.

In 2020, singer Luca Hänni (29, “Don’t Think About Me”) and professional dancer Christina (34), then still with the surname Luft, met as participants in the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” and took third place together. The love affair only developed after the show finale, both later said. Even during the show, rumors had repeatedly surfaced that the two were flirting. They have been married since August 2023.

Even more “Let’s Dance” babies

In 2024, the “Let’s Dance” family has not only grown to include the Hänni baby: the dancer couple Renata and Valentin Lusin also had a daughter. Stella was born during the 17th season in March, so father Valentin temporarily took a break from being a dancer on the show.

The Ionel family is expecting a new addition: As they announced in April, professional dancers Patricija (29) and Alexandru (29) are expecting another child. According to an Instagram post from Saturday, Patricija is now in her seventh month of pregnancy and will be expecting twins. The Ionels already have a little son.

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